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We having been providing physiotherapy for the people of Gachibowli / Kondapur / Indra Nagar / Telecom Nagar / Anjiah Nagar / Ramky / L&T / NCC / APHB Colony since 2011.

elbow pain physio treated by Physiotherapist sydney


ELBOW / WRIST/ HAND Pain Physiotherapy AtGachibowliPhysio Clinic.
We having been providing Eblow / Wrist & Hand physiotherapy for the people of  Gachibowli / Kondapur / Indra Nagar / Telecom Nagar / Anjiah Nagar / Ramky / L&T / NCC / APHB Colony since 2011.


The elbow joint is the area of union where the three long bones of the upper limb meet, as well as this there are a multitude of muscles, tendons, ligaments, a joint capsule and nerves attaching to or passing through the area all capable of causing pain, loss of strength, movement limitation and functional impairment requiring elbow pain physiotherapy.

Gachibowli physiotherapy clinics will frequently deal with people complaining of elbow conditions, commonly conditions requiring elbow pain physiotherapy can be the result of overuse such as in the case of tendinopathies like “tennis and golfers elbow” or suffer more traumatic causes of elbow pain following falls like fractures to the neck of the radius or ligament and capsular injuries as a result of contact sports. The elbow is also a common site for referred pain meaning pain presenting in the elbow but originating from areas outside the elbow. Common areas capable of referring pain into the elbow includes the neck or shoulder. As a result of there being multiple potential causes of elbow pain Gachibowli physiotherapy clinics need to be experienced in correctly diagnosing the source of the elbow pain so treatment can focus on dealing with the appropriate contributing structures.


Common Sources of Elbow Pain Seen in GachibowliPhysiotherapy Clinics

  • Tendinopathy including “tennis elbow” and “golfers elbow”
  • Fractures
  • Ligament sprain
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Bursitis
  • Referred pain


Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosing Elbow Pain
Common signs and symptoms associated with elbow pain is a weak grip and difficulty trying to grasp objects, soreness around the elbow prominences, pain making a fist or opening up your fingers, as well as a dull ache at rest. GachibowliPhysio Clinic has vast experience dealing with elbow pain physiotherapy, elbow pain responds favorably to physiotherapy intervention when early treatment is sought however some elbow conditions can take considerable time often many months to heal when the diagnosis is incorrect or the condition is neglected early on and receiving treatment is delayed.

Accurate diagnosis is crucial to the correct management of any elbow pain, patients who receive accurate assessment and early treatment typically respond extremely quickly to physiotherapy treatment restoring normal levels of pain and function.

Managing Elbow Pain AtGachibowliPhysio Clinic
When dealing with elbow pain often looking at sporting, exercise or task technique is required  as poor technique may place too much strain on the elbow causing overuse injuries. Using inappropriate equipment during sport or work can cause pain and overuse if, for example someone is using the wrong racquet grip size or mouse arrangement, and despite receiving the best treatment if equipment or technique issues are not remedied then pain will most likely continue, recovery will be delayed and pain will quickly return on resumption of activity if it ever settles. We manage elbow complaints, looking at ergonomic adjustment to provoking activities, conditioning necessary muscles and considering other areas related either directly or indirectly such as the neck and shoulder all as well as appropriate manual techniques to promote healing, at GachibowliPhysio Clinic we thrive on the challenge treating elbow pain physiotherapy complaints can bring.


hand and wrist pain treated by sydney physiotherapists


Wrist Pain Physiotherapy AtGachibowliPhysio Clinic
Hand and wrist pain are common complaints seen in physiotherapist GachibowliPhysio clinics, there are many types of hand and wrist conditions causing pain, restricted movement or strength as well as affecting gripping, lifting and general function requiring wrist pain physiotherapy.

Sudden traumatic injury and overuse conditions as a result of repetitive stress can cause wrist and hand pain, as well as this certain medical conditions have an association with hand and wrist pain including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pregnancy…


A Complex Area Requiring Accurate Diagnosis
Your hand and wrist is a very complex area with the wrist alone being made up of eight small bones arranged in two rows articulating with each other and articulating with the two long bones of your forearm. As well as these joint articulations there is a network of ligaments and joint capsules connecting the bones to each other, tendons and nerves passing either side of the wrist and muscles in the hand itself. Strain or damage to any of these tissues can potentially cause pain and affect your ability to use your wrist or hand. As a result of there being multiple structures responsible for causing hand and wrist pain accurate diagnosis is crucial, physiotherapist Gachibowlipractitioners are highly trained in the assessment and management of hand and wrist pain.

Common Conditions Causing Hand And Wrist Pain

  • Osteoarthritis: In general osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist isn’t particularly common however previous injury to the wrist such as a fracture following a fall can increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis, the base of the thumb more commonly suffers osteoarthritis.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of wrist pain, often related to performing repetitive tasks with your hands such as typing, drawing, writing… As well this due to the build up of fluid in your wrist during pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome is fairly common in the second and third trimesters.
  • Ganglion Cysts: Ganglion cysts are benign soft tissue cysts sometimes symptomatic for causing pain in the wrist.
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: De Quervains is caused by repetitive loading stress to the tendons of the thumb, causing pain at the base of the thumb.
  • Scaphoid Fracture: Fractures of the wrist including a scaphoid and colles fracture are both common injuries, a scaphoid fracture involves a fracture to small bone on the thumb side of the wrist and a colles fracture is a fracture to the distal radius, the long bone on the thumb side of the forearm near the wrist typically caused by falls on to an outstretched arm and hand.



Management Of Hand And Wrist Pain By Physiotherapist GachibowliPhysio centre


Depending on the cause, wrist pain physiotherapy as a result of a sudden impact like a fall or twisting injury compared with wrist pain as a result of overuse such as playing guitar, tennis, or lifting weights are managed differently, just as hand and wrist pain as a result of arthritic conditions like psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis will be managed differently again.

Treatment may require among other things taping, bracing, strengthening, stretching and mobilising of tissues… Sometimes ergonomic assessment of a work station or activity may be necessary, ergonomic assessment of tasks is especially topical with overuse injuries or for patients returning to work after a significant traumatic injury to the hand or wrist. Physiotherapist GachibowliPhysio Clinic can help manage your hand and wrist pain whatever the cause.